Spotify Web Player, or, “The Updates We Never Needed”

I do quite a lot of work on computers that aren’t mine. I rely on folders in the cloud and web-based applications- it’s just easiest for me, and incredibly cost-effective. I mean, I wouldn’t want to pay for Creative Cloud for the handful of times I need Premier Pro during the year.

So when I need to drown everything else out, I turn to Spotify. Specifically, I use the Spotify Web Player. It was a godsend among poor UI applications. Just find my playlist, start it, and as long as I’m running uBlock Origin or AdBlock (bleh) I don’t even get commercials (I’m a college student, do you really think I’d pay for premium?). All of my playlists are right there online, and I can snatch them and start them wherever I’d like.

Until it disappeared.

R.I.P. old Spotify Web Player (201?-2017) You were not great, but you provided the best background noise. (Image not mine [I hate Relient K])
Ok, perhaps “disappeared” is a bit strong. The web player is still there, but they’ve been rolling out an update that changes the entire UI. It caught me off guard and as someone who lives and will likely die by his Google Calendar app, I hate change. It wasn’t even properly set up, so during my 9:30 a.m.-12:00 working period, I had no Spotify music.

I had to rely on a YouTube playlist like a barbarian.

The new Spotify Web Player. Look at it. It’s horrible. Agree with me.

Gone is the…well, music. The entire first part of the day, songs wouldn’t even play. Thankfully, that got fixed later in the day. But it’s becoming increasingly difficult to add songs to playlists, and impossible to add multiple songs at once.

It’s clunkier. The tracks on a listing have wider rows than are necessary and it takes up time scrolling to find the perfect song. Lists are gone from artist pages.

The PR wing of Spotify is in full-ion damage control mode on Twitter.

And, looking at the community forum that Spotify has set up for users to review their products, it’s clear that the dislike for the update isn’t isolated.

To put it into perspective, the “Yesterday” meant from this post is April 9, 2017. Lots of hate pretty quickly.

I’m using it right now because my playlists are so fire and I have no way to export them (yet?) and I just realized I can’t drag and drop songs into playlists anymore. That was arguably one of the best parts to the previous web player.

I. Am. Seething.

Granted, the awesome nerds on reddit have made a partial work-around, but users have to be on Chrome, since it’s a browser extension. I’ll hold out and wait to see if Spotify fixes it. Otherwise I’m finding some alternative to use.

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