My dream job is helping media companies implement podcasts in their content creation. I love the intimacy and potential for stellar, above-and-beyond editing that immerses the listener in the scene. I was given the chance to be the podcast producer for Unmasked: The Stigma of Meth. I conducted the interviews, transcribed, edited, wrote a final script and mixed the final product. It has since been entered for multiple collegiate journalism awards. Below is my favorite of the six episodes.

You can access the rest of the series here.

I have also worked with the Ball State Daily News, our student-run newspaper, in executive producing a new weekly news roundup podcast. I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from Unmasked and refined it, and led student workshops on capturing audio in and out of the studio and the best practices.

You can access the updating list of installations here.

Social Media

One of my favorite aspects of journalism is the instantaneous reach we have when implementing social media. Twitter is my favorite of the platforms. We’ve used it in media organizations, like WCRD News, as well as class projects. I also use it to live-tweet events I attend. Below are some examples of live-tweeting events from student media accounts or off of my own account, @NickSiano_.

And after falling in love with audio storytelling, I hit a roadblock in how to push that content on platforms that favor pictures and video, and offer no service to publish solely audio. So I took to After Effects and created numerous templates for both WCRD and the Daily News to publish audio-centric content in video formats.


Working multiple jobs throughout college, I couldn’t commit to covering a beat at the Daily News. But I was more than happy to write a column, often on political or technology topics. My favorite piece, “Indiana’s voting legislation inhibits civic engagement,” won a Gold Circle Award from the Columbia Press Scholastic Association. Below are some of my favorite columns I’ve written.

Indiana’s voting legislation inhibits civic engagement

A third-party vote is a wasted vote

Why Apple shouldn’t concede to the FBI’s request

Improv your life

You can see the rest of my columns here.


I worked as an anchor and reporter for WCRD News during Live at Five newscasts and for event coverage. I was also lucky enough to be offered a student reporter position at Indiana Public Radio following my work on Unmasked: The Stigma of Meth. My first package is below.


My first student media experience was with NewsLink Indiana, a Monday-Thursday live newscast. I worked mainly as an anchor and writer, but contributed occasional packages as well. I enjoyed editing and writing far more than shooting, but could find refreshing stories that piqued my interest. Below is one of my first times anchoring.

In addition, I’ve worked on some special interest stories that focus on characters over events. Below is my personal favorite, produced for an advanced news videography class.


Working with The Times of Northwest Indiana in the summer of 2016 was an amazing experience. I was placed under the historical section, and mainly wrote profiles of famous Hoosiers. But my first assignment will always be my favorite: a historical piece of the Indianapolis 500 that was our A1 centerpiece the day of the race.

Indy 500 drives rich lore over the century

Slideshow: Indy 500 winners from start to finish

Data Visualization

A breakdown of Santa Fe’s 2018 mayoral election. It was the first time the city allowed for rank-voting. This Sankey diagram shows the flow of votes across four rounds, with the person receiving the lowest votes being eliminated each round.


While not a designer by trade, I enjoy the science and psychology behind visual hierarchies and have been consistently learning how to code to better present information on webpages. Much of this is done via HTML and CSS. I’m working on teaching myself JavaScript to make information more interactive. You can click any of the pictures below to go to that site.

My first website, built with WordPress. I used it primarily as a blog and makeshift portfolio. I’m in the process of migrating some of that content over here.
My time working with Indiana Memory was marked with my first immersion into HTML. I had to learn how to format blog posts for seamless transition from text editors. They’ve since reformatted their blog, but you can access my Indiana Memory work at ncsiano.wordpress.com.
I wasn’t the chief designer for the “Unmasked” website, but I helped work through problems and was exposed to the Muffin extension on WordPress. I helped clean our CSS and streamline HTML on the biographies page.
I’m in charge of the Canal Society of Indiana’s website and complete digital transition and rebranding, which has to be friendly to an older clientele. To best suit their needs, I made a grid pattern with interactive pictures that signify each of the main pages users can visit. It’s also responsive across platforms because of its simple homepage design.