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My most-visited website recently rolled out an official app, though I kept BaconReader installed on my phone upon downloading it, just in case it was terrible.

It took a while to work through some kinks, but the first few thousand downloads received reddit gold.

Most of the subreddits I follow are news- or technology-related, and since they refine so many websites and organize them into a pretty easy-to-read list, I get a lot of information at once.


What I enjoy about NPR One is how important the user in in the curation process. I’ve had it for a while, but committed more time to it now for this post. The more thumbs up I give, the better the content (at least, to me) that I get. It’s not my go-to podcast player, but there are a few NPR-based podcasts that I get updates on through NPR One.

My biggest qualm is the web player- it’s buggy and doesn’t always load.


A subset in the overall “reddit” category, but I felt that r/dataisbeautiful deserved a space of its own. I’ve been watching r/dataisbeautiful ever since reading Andy Kirk’s Data Visualization. I think it’s a meaningful and important tool in storytelling, and a huge selling point that would leave a very important spot on one’s résumé.

They have a lot of cool user-generated content, and plenty of professional stuff that gets put up to learn from. My favorite was a Sankey Diagram showing proposed shifts in voters who backed the losers of the first round in the French Election may vote come the second.

There are plenty of just fun things that get posted, like “Searches for Lil’ Wayne lyrics increase by annual rainfall in each US state.”

And sometimes, I get to learn a bit about unicorns.

For reference, a unicorn here refers to a private business worth over $1 billion.

One of the more recent ones I’ve seen is a great way of organizing a list with an additional dimension, and shows the most popular websites in the United States.


Briefing just feels like bloatware on my phone. It’s an extension of Flipboard, the first thing I remove whenever I upgrade my phone. It feels regurgitated and is never on time. The notifications (as, at least on my phone, it exists solely as notifications) are dull and sporadic.


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