New apps: f.lux and Twilight

I use f.lux on my laptop. It takes the computer’s location into account and begins removing blue light from the monitor a few minutes after sunset, and gradually removing more blue light until the wee hours of the morning.

It’s not super customizable; it only lets users adjust the day and night brightness levels. So nearly the same time every night it begins the process of eliminating blue light from my laptop.

It works great for me because I don’t do a whole lot of design work on my laptop. If I forget about an assignment that I have to design something for, I can disable f.lux for an hour by ticking a box in settings.

I use it daily (nightly, I suppose) and love it. I fall asleep faster now and the front page of reddit isn’t literally burnt into my retinas at night.

Twilight does the same thing as f.lux, but allows users to tweak settings a bit more than f.lux does. Users can decide the color temperature, intensity of the red light and screen dimming. It’s far more customizable, but sometimes after updates it doesn’t always stay on the set schedule.

I love Twilight because I can set multiple schedules for when the blue filter goes on; Sunday-Thursday, the filter starts earlier in the evening, and Friday-Saturday it goes on later in the night.

The pause button is also really great. When I went to iO Chicago, my tickets were on my phone to be scanned. Though the filter was already running, so it was as easy as pressing pause (which shows up on the notification swipe-down menu), letting the ushers scan and going on with my night.

Both the applications are great, and I’d recommend them to anyone who works late and goes to sleep immediately after. I know that f.lux recently added an Android version, but it’s root-only until it’s out of beta.

I’m always looking for new apps, so if you’ve got one that you’re using nonstop lately, drop it in a comment below and I’ll be sure to check it out!

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